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     Materials (books, tracts, papers, articles, etc.) are not shareware nor public domain and may not be duplicated electronically without permission.

    Materials authored by George McLauchlin and found at www.yetnoti.com and at www.soberworld.com are presented electronically (e-published) under exclusive permission directly from the author.  All Yet Not I and Creating a Clean and Sober Tampa Bay materials, in electronic form, are subject to the guidelines listed below.


Requests for Permission to
"Repost Material on Other Sites"


    We occasionally receive requests from users to repost our material on their own hosted site, web server, discussion boards, etc. We understand and appreciate your interest, but in order to maintain the integrity of our message, we ask that you not place these materials on your own site.

Permission to Download

From our website or any subwebs at YetNotI.com and soberworld.com. You may download the information and print it for yourself and others as long as you give it away and do not charge for it in any fashion.  It cannot be bundled with anything sold, nor can you charge for shipping, handling, etc.  It is provided for personal study or for use in preparation of lectures, sermons, Sunday school classes, or other non-commercial use. This release does not apply to other forms of media, just printed paper distribution.

    For free distribution of more than 10 copies of any paper or article, you must check with us to see if pre-printed copies are already available.  If not, you will need to obtain written permission, comply with reasonable guidelines of content control, and include valid copyright and organizational acknowledgments.  For permission, inquire by e-mail to Yet Not I

Include the following information on all copies:


Copyright©2008 Creating a Sober World, Inc.   This material is provided for personal study or for use in preparation of lectures, sermons, Sunday school classes, or other oral communication. This material may be quoted in written form but give credit where credit is due (author’s name and web site address: www.yetnoti.com or soberworld.com).  It may not be reprinted for commercial publication.  It may be copied or reprinted for distribution as long as it is given away and no charge is made for copies, shipping or handling.

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